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Pilot - Part 3

In Part 3, Chris and Stacy get to work on the buildout of the baby's room. As they get ready for the Big Reveal, they talk to Michael and Jessika about what they expect to see when they walk in.

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Christopher Mark Galiyas is a creative force to be reckoned with. A painter, fifth-grade art teacher, brand new father, designer and author, Christopher can transform any living space into a beautiful, meaningful and very personal place. He’s best known for his elaborate and dynamic children’s murals.

Christopher and his wife Stacy tried for several years to have a child, finally finding success with a local fertility clinic. So when it came time to learn the gender of their child, they made it count. This chapter in their lives was the motivation for Room 2 Grow, a one-hour reality tv series that takes the gender reveal phenomenon to the next level. Christopher is the creative visionary. Stacy is the voice of reason, keeping it all real and balancing work, family and her husband’s non-stop schedule.

Working with expectant couples who have struggled to become pregnant, Stacy and Christopher help to coach the soon-to-be parents through the uncertainties of starting a family. This experience becomes the inspiration
For the work that follows. As the only people who know the gender of the couple’s baby, Stacy and Christopher don’t just remodel a bedroom, they transform it into a magical and poignant space filled with meaning.

In a dramatic and emotional conclusion, the deserving couple not only learns the gender and name of their new baby, but also the hidden lessons embedded in the mural that surrounds them. Stacy and Christopher reveal the sentimental significance behind the newly renovated room. Finally, they announce some special surprises provided by the show’s sponsors, giving this new life a real head start.

About Room 2 Grow

Room 2 Grow is a production of apple box motion arts, llc in partnership with apple box studios. The show’s concept was created by Chris and Stacy Galiyas when they had a revelation during their own gender reveal. Principle photography of the pilot episode took place in the fall of 2017 with its release scheduled for April of 2018 on the internet. Apple box motion arts is currently seeking development and distribution partners to air the series.

Meet the Galiyas Family

Christopher and Stacy both teach at West Mifflin area middle school. Stacy teaches physical education and Chris teaches what he does best: art. They live in belle Vernon, Pennsylvania with their new-born son, arrow, and are both dedicated to educating young children. Chris’ talents as a muralist are in great demand as he continues to transform nurseries all around Pittsburgh.

The Keefers

Room 2 Grow received over 190 applications from couples hoping to star in our pilot episode. After interviewing 25 amazing couples, Jessika and Michael Keefer won our hearts. Residents of Clinton, PA, Jessika and Michael are welcoming their first child in march, and agreed to share their experience and gender reveal with room 2 grow. Jessika steals the show with her sincerity and spunk, and when it comes to Michael, she doesn’t hold back! This episode explores their relationship as soon-to-be parents, their hopes and dreams for the future and a gender reveal surprise of a lifetime.